I decided to challenge myself for 30 days and draw a portrait a day. I logged onto my fb and told all my friends that the first 30 people to respond to my status saying they want a portrait would get one. Each day I went down the list and drew a portrait of a friend. I used their facebook photos as a reference. It was challenging to do a portrait a day. It was actually more time consuming than I imagined. Some days I would do two or three just to get the weekend out of the way. I really enjoyed this challenge. I made it up myself, and would really love to challenge other people to do something similar as it was very beneficial creatively. I also put my artwork out there and I have many requests for commissioned portraits before christmas!  Day 1 is at the end.mary harold betty Himay Genevi charley fran stevew Maya chelsea1 jacq adam beth sandy JenN michelle SeanH Norma Nari Slyv PAUL Timp gian1 Lauren zoe danimeig bingbing